Our procedures to ensure a safe, secure and respectful environment for learning and playing.

Fintona Girls' School prides itself on its inclusive, sensitive and respectful approach to the education of girls. Our school policies have been created to reflect the school's expectations, procedures and rules providing a safe and caring environment in which girls are free to focus on learning.

Our policies also take into account appropriate responses to incidents which might arise. It is expected that all students and members of the school community adhere to these policies. A comprehensive list of policies can be found in the school diary and the more common ones are listed below:

Allergy Aware School

Anaphylaxis Management Policy


Bullying and Harassment


Cyber Safety


Parent Code of Conduct


Technology and Social Media

Technology for Staff

Technology for Students

Child Safe Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy

Responding to Suspected Child Abuse Policy

Child Safety Officer Role Description

Fintona is committed to creating a child safe environment where every member of staff and the Fintona Board of Management are aware of their obligations to create and maintain a child safe environment according to Ministerial Order NO. 870 which came into effect on 1 August 2016. The fulfilment of our obligations under the Order is a component of registration for schools and compliance as outlined in Guidelines to the minimum standards and other requirements for registration of schools.  Please find above our Child Safe Policy documents including a copy of the VIT Code of Conduct with which all Victorian teachers must agree to become registered as teachers.

Fintona has appointed the School Counsellor as a Child Safety Officer who will train staff and students on a regular basis on the Child Safe Standards and the expectations around the Policy. She will also be the point of contact for any issues to do with child safety. In her absence, the Principal, Rachael Falloon, will fulfil the role.

Please read the Standards document and familiarise yourself with it. If any member of the Fintona community has any queries regarding the Standards or any aspect of the Policy, please contact the School Principal or the Child Safety Officer at Fintona Girls’ School.