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ELC - VCE Virtual Art Exhibition

15 December 2020

Adapting to the challenges of the remote learning environment, Art and Design subjects here at Fintona continued to provide students with an opportunity to explore and document the world around them in 2020. Drawing heavily on critical and lateral problem solving processes and skills, adjustments were made to a number of projects so that process based art and design learning could, for the most part, be implemented as it would have here on Campus. The sending home of task specific art packs were vital to the success of the learning during this time.

Aside from a number of highly successful learning outcomes, it also allowed parents and carers an insight into the inquiry based production process that our students work through to create artworks and functional designs. It was also pleasing to note the opportunity it provided students with, to reduce screen time and continue to develop their fine motor skills. Remote learning also enabled students from ELC to Year 12 to enrich their learning with experimentation and exploration. An example of this saw textile students using fruit and vegetables to dye fabrics and photography students using plastics to distort lighting and focal points.

Brit Biviano
Art Co-ordinator


Fintona is proud to present the ELC - VCE Art and Design Exhibition online for 2020. Use the links below to navigate to the exhibtion for each campus: