Clubs and Special Interests | Fintona Girls' School

Clubs and Special Interests

There is something for everyone.

We know that our girls have many interests outside the classroom and Fintona has established a variety of clubs to allow girls to pursue activities they love.


Art Club

Art Club is available to girls from Years 5 to 12. It runs fortnightly and is facilitated by the school Art Captain. Tasks include both group work as well as personal exploration of individual work through a variety of mediums.

Chess Club

Chess Club is run in the Middle School by Northern Star Chess each Monday lunchtime. Girls can learn strategies of play as well as participate in games. They also have the opportunity of participating in Chess tournaments held throughout the year.

Cooking Club

Cooking Club has been a resounding success in the Middle School and is yet another demonstration of how Fintona embraces creativity. Three times a week at lunchtime, the Middle School girls excitedly venture into the kitchen of Moss House eager to learn new and delicious recipes. Often they use produce from the Moss House garden which the girls from Gardening Club harvest every season.

Maths Club

Led by senior mathematics students, maths club offers girls from Years 5 to 12 the opportunity to discuss and solve more complex mathematical problems, developing their analytical thinking skills.

Computer Club

Middle School girls have the opportunity to participate in Computer Club where they have the freedom to explore different computer programs, catch up on work, and discover coding and develop projects such as robotics.

Gardening Club

For those Middle School students who enjoy being outdoors and want to develop their 'green thumb', the Gardening club is an excellent way to learn how to grow plants. Each week, Fintona's gardener, Ms Helen Kinross, demonstrates how to plant vegetables and herbs and even grow some of the ingredients for the Cooking Club.

Homework Club

Homework Club operates for Middle School students each Monday and Wednesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm. Girls can work on their assigned homework tasks while being supervised by one of our teachers.

Knitting Club

Offered to students from Years 5 to 12 in Terms 2 and 3, girls learn how to knit squares which are made into blankets and then donated to charity.

Lounge Lizards Book Club

For students in Years 5 and 6, Lounge Lizards is run by the Library Captain who organises a variety of activities to encourage an interest in reading.

Science Club

Run by the STEM Captains, Science Club is offered to students from Years 5 to 12 and often involves a fun, practical and hands on activity. In the past students have made yoghurt and lava lamps.



There is a Junior and Senior Inter-house competition available to girls in Years 5 to 12. Girls from Years 9 to 12 may compete in the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) Inter-school competition, which involves debates against peers from many other schools. In Years 7 and 8, girls also have the opportunity to participate in the DAV Junior Secondary Program which is preparation for the competition in Year 9.

Debating encourages the students to work co-operatively in teams and has many benefits. It develops their public speaking skills and challenges them to think quickly and respond to arguments. The ability to construct and defend an argument, support their opinion with evidence and express themselves with clarity and conviction is a necessary and vital skill.

Public Speaking

The Elizabeth M Butt Public Speaking program

Every student, from Years 6 to 11, participates in our internal Elizabeth M. Butt Public Speaking program. Embedded in the English curriculum, the public speaking component enacts the original vision of Miss Butt, Headmistress from1963 to 1992, who felt that Fintona girls should be equipped with the skills to communicate with poise and confidence when, as young women, they take their place in community life.

The program is staged in three tiers, from an informative speech in Years 6 and 7, to a persuasive speech in Years 8 and 9, then an interpretive speech in Years 10 and 11. In class, each girl researches her topic and presents her speech.

External public speaking

Students in the different year levels are welcome to enter a variety of external public speaking competitions. Each has different criteria with many requiring contestants to perform an impromptu, as well as a prepared speech. Fintona has enjoyed success in many of these competitions in the past, including:


VCAA Plain English public speaking
Rotary Balwyn Four-Way-Test competition
Rotary Richmond Ainger competition
Legacy Junior Public Speaking competition
Rostrum Voice of Youth


Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an internationally recognised self-development program for young people aged from 14 to 25 years and provides opportunities for personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility and service to the community.

The rewards for the participants are many, but it is the process the girls go through, the contacts they make with the community, the self-confidence they develop, as well as the fun and memories they create along the way that make the Award program so beneficial to our participating students. The program is entirely voluntary and each participant is free to choose her own activities within the guidelines, and to progress individually through the various sections of each award level at her own pace.

Compass Award

The Compass Award offers our Middle School students a framework to thrive through selected challenges and achievements. It lays the foundation for achievement of all sections of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. The program is voluntary, non-competitive and aimed at encouraging the individual's interests and abilities.

Like the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, the Compass Award helps to build confidence and self-esteem and also to foster a positive attitude to formal and informal education and leisure pursuits. Each girl chooses her own activities, willingly accepts the challenges presented and strives admirably to achieve her personal goals.

A Resource Smart School

Fintona is a participating member of the Resource Smart Schools and has been working for some time now to achieve our first star. We have a number of initiatives that were active before our involvement with this organisation and our work with Resource Smart Schools has enhanced our awareness of the issues around sustainability and particularly encouraging young people to be involved.

We have developed many activities and initiatives that have been embraced by the students and staff and enhanced our capacity to be at the forefront of environmental awareness. These include;


An extremely proactive Gardening Club in Middle School

An active participation by the Junior School and ELC in growing vegetables

Worm farms throughout both our campuses

Extensive paper, plastic, battery recycling

Sustainable gardening practices used by Maintenance

Water tanks

Solar hot water in the Sports Centre

LED lighting rollout across both campuses

Sensor lights in new and refurbished buildings

Programs to save power, waste and water through an ongoing audit

Energy, waste and biodiversity audits with student participation

Audit to target rubbish reduction in Maintenance

Development of leadership roles in Middle and Senior Schools in the area of environment and sustainability with the appointment of Environment Captains

Tree planting and weed eradication projects involving staff, parents and students

Staff Professional Development initiative that encourages environmental awareness

Ongoing Assembly presentations by Environment Captains on environmental issues