Exchanges and Tours | Fintona Girls' School

Exchanges and Tours

International experiences to last a lifetime.

Through overseas study tours, cultural exchanges and special interest trips like World Challenge, our girls often reflect on the time they had while overseas as one of the best experiences of their lives.

Language students have the opportunity to travel or live overseas for short periods. Such trips enable them to build their linguistic ability and develop a heightened sense of cultural awareness. Fintona has established relationships with schools in France and Japan and students are able to participate in exchange programs by hosting students and living and studying in the country of the languages they study. In addition to study tours in Japan, students who study Latin have the opportunity to attend a Study Tour in Italy.

Our inclusive ethos allows participation of students, not studying a language, to attend a Study tour of their choice.

Japanese Exchange and Study Tours

The Japanese curriculum at Fintona offers all students studying Japanese, from Years 7 to 12, a diverse range of opportunities to interact with students from our Japanese sister school, Yokohama Eiwa, in and beyond the classroom. This authentic cross-cultural communication forms an integral part of their learning.

In this reciprocal exchange program, we welcome a group of Eiwa students for a two-week homestay at Fintona every July, who are hosted by our students in Years 9 to 12. Our senior students also have the opportunity to participate in an exchange to Yokohama Eiwa over the summer holidays, providing an intense language experience with total cultural immersion. The time in Japan allows them to improve their language skills and gain valuable insights into Japanese home and school life. 

A Japan Study Tour is run every two years for Years 10 and 11 students during the September holidays, giving an excellent opportunity to see Japan first hand and to use the girls' language skills to interact with people in authentic situations.

French Exchange

French students have the opportunity to go on an exchange for five weeks in Years 10 and 11 during the Australian summer break. Students live with a French family, go to a French  school and are completely immersed in the culture of the country. The exchange is usually reciprocal and Fintona hosts students from France in July.

Exchange to Canada

Fintona girls are able to visit Havergal College in Toronto, Canada, led by an Old Fintonian, Mrs Susan Ditchburn (Taylor '59). Havergal is a boarding and day school for girls with a strong emphasis on developing the individual strengths of its students.

Exchange to Scotland

Craigholme is a small girls' school located in Glasgow, Scotland. It has a proud history of educating young women and is of an innovative approach. The exchange program involves Year 9 Craigholme students and Fintona Year 9 students going into Year 10.

New York Art and Design Tour

A New York Art and Design Study Tour is run every two years and is on offer to Years 10,11 and 12 students during the April term break. The tour provides a culturally enriching experience where students have the opportunity to visit a number of significant art galleries and museums, participate in workshops and immerse themselves in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

World Challenge

World Challenge is an organisation that has established educational programs giving students the opportunity to visit third-world countries.  Fintona students have embarked on World Challenge expeditions which have taken them to remote areas in India, Tanzania, Ecuador and Madagascar.  These experiences have taught the girls much about themselves, leadership, how to work as a team, the plight of others in poor countries and the importance of solid friendships.