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Overseas Students

Fintona welcomes overseas students and provides a friendly, supportive environment that encourages the educational development and personal growth of all overseas students. 

Like the rest of our students, Fintona's overseas students have also achieved excellent results allowing them to pursue the career of their choice. Our dedicated staff are available to support students, parents and guardians, to assist with the transition of all new students into the School in every possible way.

Due to our size, we are only able to offer a small number of places for overseas students. An overseas student is a girl who is not an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident or a refugee.

Fintona does not engage the services of agents in the enrolments of overseas students.

What we require 

  1. Fintona requires overseas students who are not proficient in English to take an English program when they arrive in Australia. All students must supply a copy of their AEAS report when applying to Fintona. These requirements are to assist our overseas students make a smooth transition into school life at Fintona.

  2. Fintona needs to be assured that overseas students have suitable adult support. All overseas students must have a guardian or member of their family living in the country who can speak English.

  3. Students must live in an approved homestay even if they are over 18 years of age, and all living arrangements must be checked and approved by the School.

  4. Overseas students must remain at school until the end of term. 

For further information regarding enrolment of overseas students please refer to the Policies and Terms and Conditions below.

How to apply

Applications for entry to Fintona for Prep to Year 12, must be made on the School's official Application for Admission Form. An application is a pre-requisite for enrolment but does not guarantee a place.

A non-refundable Application Fee of $150 (inclusive of GST) is payable before placement on the waiting list and concurrently with signing the Enrolment Agreement.

If you wish to enrol a student at Fintona who is not an Australian citizen or does not have Australian Residence status, you must include the following in the application:

1. Completed Application Form (signed by both parents, if applicable)
2. Non-refundable Application Fee of $150
3. Copy of the most recent school report (English translation)
4. Results of English language assessment test and testing date
5. Copy of the student’s passport 
6. Any other documentation to assist and support the application for admission

Changes in Visa Status must be advised immediately.

Alternatively, you can download the Application for Admission form and send it to us.


Overseas Student Enrolment Policy and Procedures

Overseas Student Policy

Overseas Student Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy

Overseas Student Transfer Policy

Overseas Student Marketing and Communication Policy

Overseas Student Course Progress Policy and Procedures

Overseas Student English Proficiency Policy

Overseas Student Student Attendance Policy

Overseas Student Complaints and Appeals Policy

Overseas Student Child Safety Quick Reference Sheet


Please contact the School with any enquiries about Home Stay.

Fees and Terms and Conditions

Shedule of Fees and Charges and Business Terms and Conditions - Overseas Students


Enrolment Fee

A non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $1,000 per student enrolled at the School is payable upon acceptance of a formal letter of offer.
In the instance of non-payment of an Enrolment Fee by the date specified in the Letter of Offer, the offer will expire.


Fees in Advance

In addition to the Application and Enrolment Fees a non-refundable full semester’s fees in advance is required to secure a place at Fintona. When the student commences as scheduled, fees in advance are credited against the first tuition fee account.


Co-curricular Activities

An extensive variety of co-curricular activities is offered to students. Details of these activities are provided in the Handbooks. The charges for participation will be included on the fee accounts.


Due Dates for School Fees 2020

Tuition Fees and the ICT levy are billed in two instalments, one Semester in advance.
* The Compulsory Camps & Excursions Levy is billed in one instalment, on the first account for the year. Accounts are rendered twice a year and are payable within the next 21 days before the date specified on the account.

Semester 1 2020 Fees – due 31 October 2019

Semester 2 2020 Fees – due 5 May 2020

If you do not receive a fee statement by the end of the first week of Terms 2 & 4 please contact the Finance Manager, Rowena Vitarelli at [email protected] to request a copy. There will be no extension of the due date because of the non-receipt of an account.  Please check carefully if you have a Hotmail account as your statement may have gone to junk-mail.


Old Fintonian discount

A 20% fee discount applies to daughters and granddaughters of past students who are also members of the Old Fintonians’ Alumni and who attended Fintona for a minimum of two years. The discount relates to Tuition Fees from Year 5 to Year 12. This discount will only apply in the absence of the student receiving any other concession.

Further information

For further information about enrolments, please contact our Registrar on:

Tel: +61 3 9830 1388 
Fax: +61 3 9888 5682 
Email: [email protected]

Address: 79 Balwyn Road, Balwyn VIC 3103 AUSTRALIA


We look forward to welcoming your daughter to Fintona Girls' School.