Geography Students Top 1% in Australia | Fintona Girls' School

Geography Students Top 1% in Australia

6 November 2020

Earlier this year all the Fintona year 8 Geography students, alongside over 65,000 students from almost 700 schools, entered the 2020 Australian Geography Competition. This competition tested students’ geographical knowledge and skills. A number of our students performed to a very high standard. 60% of our students achieved either a High Distinction or a Distinction or a Credit.
Most impressively, two of our students were placed in the top 1% of all Year 8 students across Australia. We heartily congratulate Sophie and Chloe on achieving this wonderful result. Similarly, Arabella was placed in the top 2%.
We also congratulate Sienna, Mathangi, Makayla, Justina and Chanel who received High Distinctions, placing them in the top 12% of all students who entered the competition.