'Why I love History' | Fintona Girls' School

'Why I love History'

21 June 2021

As part of Fintona's Humanities Festival this year, students enjoyed lunchtime movie sessions and a History Fashion Parade. Some students also reflected on what it is they love about particular Humanities subjects. Amelia and Alessia chose to share why they love History at Fintona.

Amelia, Year 9

I love History because it allows us to take a glimpse at the past, and the ways in which people lived. It's incredible to think that all these years ago lived people who were just like us, yet their worlds were so different. It makes me wonder what people in the future will think about our current society when they look back on it.

I find it so fascinating how single events in history can lead to colossal outcomes on a global scale. History also allows humans to look at our past mistakes and learn from these to create a better world.


Alessia, Year 7

Within the topic of Humanities, I love History because it is always fun to learn about the civilisations that lived before us with what they invented and which things they created that we use in the world today. But it is not only that! History has a huge connection to our planet. For example, it teaches us how dinosaurs lived on our planet 66 million years ago and how the Renaissance began around the 14th century after the Middle Ages, in Italy and spread throughout Europe, creating the basics of our modern world. History isn't just a subject, it is a world of learning and fun which is worth being explored!