Lemon Lovin' Life | Fintona Girls' School

Lemon Lovin' Life

16 May 2017

As part of Commerce Week, on Friday 12 May, all students from Years 5-12 were invited to participate in running their own lemonade stall to give them some insight into what is involved in running a small business. Each team was given $10 in capital. Congratulations to the winning team of Year 7 girls: Rose, Alana, Ashleigh and Dayara for their successful Lemon Lovin' Life campaign who not only served delicious lemonade but also offered Spiders and Lemon, Lime and Bitters drinks. All in all, the teams raised close to $300 for Danila Dilba, an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation which provides health care and community services to Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders in the greater Darwin region of the Northern Territory. Whilst having losts of fun, the girls appreciated learning more about how to run a small business and the positive effects that marketing can have on consumer buying behaviour.