VCE Theatre Studies performance showcases impressive theatrical skill | Fintona Girls' School

VCE Theatre Studies performance showcases impressive theatrical skill

2 June 2017

Congratulations to VCE Theatre Studies Unit 3 / 4 students Alison Wells, Ella Norton, Eva Lewis-Col and Imogen Allchin on their recent Ensemble Performance of ‘Shakers:Re-stirred’ – a play written by John Godber and Jane Thornton.

Presented at The Just Theatre, Kew Court House in Kew on Thursday the 1st and Friday the 2nd of June, the production delighted its sold-out audience through quick-fire humour interspersed with serious monologues. Set in a not-so-chic bar in the north of England called Shakers, we were quickly introduced to Carol, Adele, Nicky and Mel, four friends who had taken to waitressing in desperation but who also had wit and resilience enough to never let any of the colourful characters they came across escape their satire unscathed.

In theatrically heightened moments during the performance, Eva, Alison, Ella and Imogen admirably played the roles of men and women alike, covering not only the waitresses’ nights at Shakers but also the lives of four other working women in London. The students’ ability to transform into a variety of characters before our eyes, along with their use of monologue and direct address to the audience, showcased their impressive skills as young performers and adept understanding of various theatrical styles.

Jason Forrest
Drama Teacher/Director