From Adversity to Influence - Leadership Development Series | Fintona Girls' School

From Adversity to Influence - Leadership Development Series

18 May 2021

Leadership Development Series

Workshop 2 | From Adversity to Influence

When we think of influencers, we often think of those on Instagram looking amazing and selling products, holidays and clothing. However, alongside the emergence of the beauty influencer we have also seen the leadership influencer – someone who is raising awareness and taking leadership to support others. This workshop will host two influencers who have both taken on illness, medical and physical, and turned their adversity into influence, always being mindful of how they can help other people to also tackle their issues and live a full and healthy life.

Location: Reid Studio
Date: Tuesday 18 May
Time: 3.45 – 5.30pm
Registration: See Daily Notices for the TryBooking link.


Kane Ford – Get Outside Melbourne

Kane Ford

Kane Ford, founder of Get Outside Melbourne, has a passion for travelling and the outdoors. In recent years he has faced mental health challenges relating to anxiety and burnout and wants to use his experience to help others realise the physical and mental benefits of ‘getting outside’. Kane has recently been recognised in a number of different ways for his business model and success – underneath this is a strong desire to use his influence in helping people achieve good mental health by being in the outdoors.

Instagram: getoutsidemelbourne


Fi Macrae – Private Parts

Fi Macrae

Fi Macrae recalls the terrifying moment she knew something was seriously wrong with her body whilst waiting for surgery to remove an eight centimeter tumour from her left ovary. Thus began a painful journey that continues today and a diagnosis of endometriosis. Endometriosis affects 11% of women in Australia and whilst Fi tackles it and her fertility head on she has also created a new web series via Instagram called Private Parts to help people and chronicle her journey. Fi’s leadership on this difficult topic is open, honest and humourous whilst talking about her journey and interviewing others with chronic illnesses.