Leadership | Fintona Girls' School


Fintona girls are the new generation of leaders.

Good leaders stand out because people want to work with them, they are inspiring to be with, they make us feel that our quests are possible, and they help us achieve our best.

Fintona has a long tradition of strong school leaders; girls who recognise the strength and companionship of a united community. At school, as in the wider community, there is a need for people with wonderful ideas who can inspire and help others to unlock their potential.

Throughout Junior, Middle and Senior School, we teach our students to understand what qualities make a good leader and immerse them in situations to develop these skills. Apart from specific leadership opportunities, students explore a range of co-curricular activities, develop positive relationships with peers and donate their time to charitable causes.

Senior School

Fintona's formal Leadership Program offers students, from Year 9 in the Senior School, a safe environment in which every girl is encouraged to adopt strong leadership roles and develop confidence in her personal abilities. In Year 12, all students are given the position of School Senator, taking a pledge to uphold the ethos of the School and to act as role models for their younger colleagues. Two girls become the School Consuls (or School Captains) and one Deputy Consul for Junior School is appointed.

Other leadership opportunities are available in areas such as Debating, Public Speaking, Community Service, STEM (Science, Technology, Environment and Maths), Art, Music, Resource Centre as well as through the House system.

Middle School

In the Middle School, two Consuls are elected for the year, as well as a Student Representative Council (SRC) President and Secretary, and an Environment Captain. Also, each Tutor Group in the Middle School elects two SRC representatives for the year and two Tutor Group representatives are elected each term. Leadership positions are available for various House and School teams and activities. In order to develop skills and experience in preparation for the Year 8 leadership positions, a leadership program is run in Year 7. Girls who are interested in standing for leadership positions are required to participate in the program and show their commitment to the School.

Junior School

In the Junior School, leadership opportunities are integral to daily life. Through the modelling of empathy, communication, negotiation, vision, persistence and determination, the Junior School encourages all girls to engage in leadership opportunities. Beginning in Prep the girls take turns to be the ‘VIP' (Very Important Prep). This girl is responsible for special tasks during her turn as VIP. Class Captains are elected each term in Years 3 and 4 when girls also take on whole class duties. In Year 4, every girl holds a position of responsibility. The girls undertake the roles of House, Environment, Aerobics, Community Service and Library Captains. Each role encourages the girls to take on a whole school responsibility. These experiences hold the girls in good stead for future leadership opportunities.