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Senior School

Year 9 to 12 - A time of achievement and growth.

Our Senior School provides a rigorous academic environment where every girl is offered the chance to experience new challenges, find her strengths and talents, and use them to achieve her highest academic and personal aspirations.

Our VCE results consistently demonstrate that Fintona is one of the best performing girls' schools in Victoria. This is a culmination of the personal attention our girls receive in a school with small class sizes.

Our dedicated Head of Senior School and Deputy Principal, Sarah Carter and teachers work hard to prepare each girl for VCE success but also to foster a strong sense of self-worth and resilience, in order to ensure a smooth transition to tertiary life and beyond.

As part of our focus to deliver a balanced education, Senior girls are offered opportunities to demonstrate responsibility, move outside their comfort zone and expand their horizons through leadership positions, the careers program including a work experience placement in Year 10,  overseas and cultural exchanges, the Year 9 Connections program, House activities, participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award and travel to developing countries as part of World Challenge.

Through Fintona's Life Skills program, girls discuss areas of interest such as physical changes, healthy lifestyle, emerging individuality, relationships with family and friends, conflict resolution and the cyber world.

Study skills are further developed, along with strategies to deal with the pressures of life in the senior years.

Years 9 & 10 Curriculum

Year 9 is intended to provide girls with guided choices for their program of study. Students are able to combine core subjects with a range of elective subjects.



Year 9 Core subjects



Physical Education


History (covering Year 9 and 10 curriculum in Year 9)

French, Latin or Japanese

In Year 9, students study at least one language chosen from French, Latin or Japanese. Some students may choose to study any two languages from French, Latin or Japanese in Year 9 and beyond.

In addition to the core subjects, a broad range of semester based electives is offered covering Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Commerce, Health and Physical Education and Humanities.

Our unique Connections Program is offered in Year 9, specifically designed to allow students to develop greater awareness of themselves and their community.

We also offer an accelerated program in Mathematics and Science to students who demonstrate a high ability in these subjects.

In Year 10, students choose from a number of electives including Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Commerce, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Digital Technology.

Advice is continually available to assist students through the process of subject selection based on each girl's individual strengths.

All year 10 students undertake a work experience placement.

VCE Curriculum

In VCE, students can select from a broad range of subjects across the spectrum of disciplines. 

Subject selection is discussed with the VCE Co-ordinator and the Careers Counsellor to ensure that the subjects chosen reflect each girl's capabilities. In addition to choosing their preferred subjects, students can choose first year university subjects.

At the conclusion of their studies, all Year 11 and 12 students seek university places and most gain entry into the university course of their choice.

Year 11 and 12 girls each have a VCE Common Room where they learn to take collective responsibility and have opportunities to form close bonds with the whole year level.


Senior School students are able to participate in a range of extra curricular activities including Art Club, Debating, Drama Day, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Life Drawing, Music, Public Speaking, Social Service, Sport, Exchange Programs, a Theatre production, and World Challenge.

Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education program in the Senior School aims to extend students' horizons and provides a better understanding of the natural world.

Students challenge themselves through adventure and team activities as they canoe, camp, bushwalk and mountain bike ride, kayak and abseil through a variety of environments. The Compass Award is also offered and is the foreunner to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

  • In Year 9, students travel to Angahook, near Anglesea, and participate in an expedition style five day program.
  • In Year 10, students travel to Wilsons Promontory to partake in an expedition style program involving hiking and kayaking.
  • All Year 11 and 12 students begin the year with a three day camp.

Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance. The Head of the Senior School, together with the School Psychologist and the Careers Co-ordinator, work very closely with staff to guide and support students. 

As part of the Life Skills program, expert presentations are given in sex education, drugs, relationships, identity, health and wellbeing, personal safety and staying safe online, and positive approaches to studying.


Fintona's formal leadership program offers students from Year 9 an environment in which every girl is encouraged to adopt a strong leadership role and develop confidence in her personal abilities.

In Year 12, every student becomes a School Senator. Two girls become the School Consuls (or School Captains), three girls become Deputy Consuls.

Other students are given opportunities to become leaders through the House system as well as in areas such as Debating, Public Speaking, Community Service, the Environment, Art, Music and the Resource Centre.


House activities in the Senior School involve Sport, Debating, Drama and Music.


Fintona offers various scholarships into a number of year levels in the Senior School.

Shakespeare Day

2018 marked the 80th anniversary of what remains one of the School’s most beloved traditions:  Shakespeare Day. The event began modestly back in the 1930s, when students were invited to read Shakespearean sonnets in Assembly to celebrate the playwright’s birthday on 23 April.

This soon became a tradition which has evolved over the years to become a major festival in the Fintona calendar. There are two performances – one each for Middle and Senior School audiences which  are staged in the Tourmont Quadrangle with its lovely Elizabethan atmosphere.

Board members past and present, former Principals and staff and an independent adjudicator also attend, treated to a morning of drama, comedy and music.

During the 80th anniversary year, notice of the event on the Old Fintonians’ Alumni Facebook page provoked an avalanche of memories from former students including:  "One of my favourite days of each year. Have had a love of Shakespeare my whole life because of this tradition. I was lucky enough to play Hero in Much Ado About Nothing back in 1997...

…..Loved Shakespeare day in the Quad. Everyone piling up the stairs, on the balcony and hanging out the windows to watch...

…. I remember someone ….reducing Miss Dick [former Deputy Principal] to helpless  laughter by adding some helpful gestures to a rendition of the song Tit Willow ….So many memories - ‘I, one Snout, present a wall…’ was a favourite...

Preparation begins in the English and Literature classrooms where students in Years 9 to 12 study one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Excerpts from around six plays are performed by students and some staff with this annual Fintona tradition creating much excitement throughout the School.

More Information

For more information on our Senior School programs contact the Registrar on (03) 9830 1388 or email [email protected].