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Meet our teachers

Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.

The teachers at Fintona are one of our greatest assets. Our challenging and engaging curriculum is delivered by a group of passionate, dedicated teachers who are both experts in their subject area and teachers with a vocation. They are genuinely interested in their students and willing to spend extra time nurturing their talents, helping them to achieve their best. 

Our successful VCE results every year are a tribute to the commitment of our dedicated teachers. Led by our Principal, Ms Rachael Falloon, an accomplished and experienced educator, who also teaches Maths in the Middle School, Fintona's teachers are motivated and enthusiastic, model respect and work tirelessly to produce outstanding learning outcomes for their students.

Our teachers inspire girls to stretch themselves and take considered risks in a safe and supportive community. They play an essential role in developing students' confidence and self-esteem by creating positive relationships with their students.

Our teachers are also supported by a wonderful group of administration staff to ensure a first class experience for all our students.

To meet some of our dedicated teachers, view our gallery below:

Our Teachers