Year 12 students inducted as Senators | Fintona Girls' School

Year 12 students inducted as Senators

15 February 2019

On Friday 15th February, our Year 12 students became school Senators in a moving ceremony.

The Senators' Induction, a long standing Fintona tradition, officially recognises the significant leadership role the Year 12s play in the Fintona community.

On this day, the whole student body gathers to witness the Year 12s affirm their commitment to uphold the values and traditions of the School. The Year 12s make a pledge and Ms Dana Fleming, Chair of the Fintona Board, presents a Senator's badge to each Year 12 student to mark the occasion.

The Induction concluded with the ceremonial signing of the Senators' Book with each Senator adding their name to the long line of Fintonians before them.