Trip to NASA is one giant leap | Fintona Girls' School

Trip to NASA is one giant leap

8 December 2017

HASSE Space School at NASA will, for the first time, be providing 16 girls from Fintona with an unforgettable STEM experience as 355 students from 47 girls’ schools across the country head off on the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia trip on 8 and 9 December, in partnership with Actura. Fintona has the the largest contingent of girls from Victorian girls' schools attending this exciting trip.

Dubbed ‘youth astronaut training’ the two-week hands-on program promotes dynamic teamwork skills as the girls work together on simulated missions to repair the international space station, design a Mars habitat, experience limited gravity training, learn forensics, discover NASA robotics and explore personal growth skills.

Our Principal Suzy Chandler said ,"The girls will experience first-hand how science, technology, engineering and maths can be applied in a creative and exciting professional setting, an ideal way to inspire them into STEM careers.  As educators we are thrilled that our students will have this unique chance to acquire new skills to equip them for the rapidly changing workplace and other challenges of the future."

The trip is split into a Junior Space School, for students from Years 7-9 and Space University for students from Years 10-12.

Read the article in the Herald Sun here.

What a fantastic opportunity for our students.