Our disciplined wordsmiths write 228,548 words in the National Novel Writing Month Challenge

4 December 2018

On Friday 4 December, Fintona held a little celebration for the girls who successfully completed their NaNoWriMo challenge. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month (although now International) and is the month where people all over the world challenge themselves to write a novel. Yes, a whole novel (first draft obviously). Adults must write 50,000 words to meet the challenge, young writers are allowed to set their own word goal.

The challenge is twofold: first is to push past any internal voice/critic that stops us from trying for such a big goal and simply write as hard as possible – focussing on getting it down on the page, not focussing on perfection. Second is persistence, sitting down to the screen every day or every couple of days over an extended period of time. Both very worthy abilities to develop.

This year we had 31 girls sign up for the challenge and 17 of them successfully received their certificates.

A total of 228,548 words were written beating last year's count by 48,000 words.  Well done to our disciplined wordsmiths and literary heroes.