SBS interviews Fintona's Principal on sex education | Fintona Girls' School

SBS interviews Fintona's Principal on sex education

5 April 2016

Impressed by our broad minded attitude to teaching sex education, Fintona's Principal, Mrs Suzy Chandler, was recently interviewed by SBS.

As parents we know that sex ed can be an awkward and uncomfortable parental responsibility for all involved.

Adding to the complexity, each generation seems to face issues that are difficult to understand and relate to for their parents and carers.

Schools and organisations are trying to bridge the gap - offering a basic understanding of the process and more sophisticated conversations about relationships, technology and the law.

Mrs Suzy Chandler has been teaching sex ed since the 1970s and says it's important to keep sex ed up to date with the issues of the time. She said, "In the old days if you wanted to go and buy Playboy (magazine), you would have had to front up at the local newsagent with all the attendant embarrassment. It wouldn't have been on a shelf, you would have had to ask for it. Now you could be a 7 or 8-year-old doing some homework and something can pop up on your screen and there's no control over it, so I think that's a really big part of the discussion that needs to be part of sex ed, you can't be an ostrich any more."

For more about what Mrs Suzy Chandler had to say, read the SBS article here.