Proud moment for Jacqueline Motet and Xenia Zubenko

18 July 2018

We congratulate Jacqueline Motet who won the Year 11 First Prize in Victoria and Xenia Zubenko in Year 12, who was a finalist in the French competition, Le Concours Lycéen.

Set up into two stages, the Concours Lycéens invites schools to enrol students to perform a 3-4 minute informal conversation (Year 11 division) and a role-play (Year 12 division) in front of experienced French teachers and in front of other students from other schools. The best candidates are then selected as finalists and are invited to perform during the Bastille Day Festival.

The Honorary Consule of France, Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie presented the award to Jacqueline.