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2021 Student Leaders

9 December 2020

Fintona 2021 Student Leaders

In Year 12, each Fintona student holds the position of Senator and are all leaders of the School. Many students also apply for additional leadership positions including Consuls, House and Co-Curricular positions that are voted on by their peers and teachers after a selection process involving speeches and interviews. We recently asked each of our 2021 leaders what makes a good leader, why they applied for their chosen leadership position and what they hope to achieve in their position. We are delighted to introduce the following students who will hold senior leadership positions in 2021.

School Consuls
House Captains

School Consuls

Marianna, Fintona Consul 2021

Since starting at Fintona in Year 9, Marianna has engaged in a wide range of co-curricular activities on offer. Last year she was fortunate enough to act in the annual School play of ‘The Red Shoes’, participate in Tour mornings, and play netball for the School each Saturday morning. Additionally, she has enjoyed performing in the annual Cabaret concert, as well as participating in a variety of GSV sports including Swimming and AFL.

In her spare time, Marianna loves to watch vintage films (especially anything with Audrey Hepburn). Her two favourite genres are romance and horror (two completely opposing styles), however, currently she’s been thoroughly enjoying Grey’s Anatomy. She also describes herself as a bit of a ‘history nerd’ and enjoys studying different historical events in her spare time. Furthermore, Marianna has been singing since she was five years old and it has become a passion of hers. She loves to sing anything by Adele and more recently has taken a great interest in Greek music. 

In Year 12, Marianna will be studying Mathematical Methods, English, French, Chemistry and Art. In Year 11 she completed Units 3/4 in both History Revolutions and Greek. It has always a dream of Marianna’s to study Medicine, and eventually specialise in paediatrics. She hopes to be accepted into Biomedicine at Melbourne University, and from there, go on to receive a Doctorate of Medicine. 

“I believe that any leadership position is an opportunity for service. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities that Fintona has presented me with and being a Fintonian has filled me with pride. It is a community that has truly made me feel welcome, and during my time here has made me feel as though I am part of a family. I hope that through this leadership position I am able to do good things in service of this community and School,” said Marianna. 

“I hope to make the students, teachers and members of the Fintona community proud; I hope to continue the work of the previous School Consuls in fostering a community which promotes compassion, respect, individuality and inclusion.”

Marianna believes the cornerstone qualities which leaders must embody are honesty, integrity, and resilience: every leader must be honest, accountable for their actions, and not be discouraged by hardship or failure. But most importantly, overarching all of these, there must be an approachability and a willingness to learn. “A leader will never have all the answers, nor should they be expected to. I think the true measure of a good leader is found in the way in which people in positions of leadership foster and encourage the creativity and successes of those around them,” said Marianna. 

Kara, Fintona Consul 2021

Kara started at Fintona in Year 7. Throughout Kara’s years at Fintona, she has been involved in many co-curricular activities including GSV sporting carnivals, the School play, and music ensembles. Each year she has also participated in community activities such as Relay For Life. Kara was a competitive gymnast for many years and this was her true passion, since ‘retiring’ last year, she has been going to the gym to workout which has been great for her mental and physical health. She also loves walking her dog every day and catching up with my friends.

Kara has always wanted to become a leader at Fintona and aspired to be a School Consul ever since Year 7. “I applied because the role is a privilege and an honour and I wanted to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after my six years at Fintona. This School is so nurturing and inspiring and I love that everyone wants to do well, succeed and do the best they can. I would love to continue the feeling of ‘sisterhood’ and safety here, knowing that I can lead by example and take on the many challenges, and that is why I chose to apply for Consul,” said Kara.

As Consul, Kara hopes to bring a sense of togetherness, security and trust amongst her peers. “After such challenging times in 2020, I want to help everyone readjust and kick start a new year in 2021. It has been a year of uncertainty and greater separation from each other, so I envisage a greater emphasis on creating a holistic community that is Fintona,” she said. 

When asked about what qualities make a good leader, Kara said that a leader is someone who can lead a team comfortably and respectfully, and remain organised and motivated to do their job to the best of their ability. A leader also listens to others and acknowledges everyone’s ideas, showing initiative and stepping forward to do the right thing. Strong and clear communication and having the ability to work well with others are important attributes, as well as having a positive, outgoing and adventurous nature. 

Kara has completed Units 3/4 Physical Education and in Year 12 will study English, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry, French in 2021.  After Year 12 she hopes to study a Science Degree with a focus on Health Sciences. 


Neroli, Fintona Deputy Consul 2021

Neroli attended Fintona’s Early Learning Centre and then later returned in Year 5. Neroli’s mum also attended Fintona and as she had loved being a student at Fintona, the family always knew Neroli would be a Fintonian too. 

Neroli enjoys being involved in the School’s annual Cabaret Night, vocal soirees and debating. In her spare time, she enjoys baking because she’s able to relax and listen to music at the same time. She also enjoys spending time on the family’s farm where they have 13 miniature cows and a dog.

Neroli believes a leader should be an approachable and kind person, forthcoming and determined in their pursuits to benefit others. “I applied for a leadership position because I have always loved the community that is Fintona. I constantly feel unconditionally supported by the staff, teachers and families of our small community. I felt my passion for Fintona would be beneficial and I knew I would not be alone with any endeavours that I was to take within my position. In the end, it was the support of various members of staff and students that urged me to take the final plunge of applying. The leadership process was extremely rewarding by providing me with important skills,” said Neroli.

When asked what she hoped to achieve as Deputy Consul, Neroli said a further strengthening of the bond between the Junior School and Senior School campuses. In Year 11, Neroli studied Units 3/4 Legal Studies and in Year 12 her subjects are English, Music Performance, Psychology, French and Mathematical Methods.

Over the years, Neroli has changed her mind about what she hope to pursue after her time at Fintona. Currently, she would like to pursue a career within emergency healthcare such as Paramedicine and she is very excited to take that next step in her studies.



House Captains

Olivia, Boyne House Captain

Olivia’s connection to Fintona began at the age of three in the Early Learning Centre.  As well as her sister attending Fintona, her mum was also a student and member of Boyne House.

Olivia loves to be involved in debating, athletics, hockey, basketball, and music. In her spare time, she likes to make music, cycle, play other sports, catch up with friends, hike and camp, and undertake little design projects.

Olivia believes the traits of enthusiasm, curiosity, being understanding, empathy and accountability are important for a leader to have.

“I applied for this position because I wanted the opportunity to become more involved in House and to help lead the younger girls in a myriad of different group events. I hope to make Boyne House a very welcoming and comfortable environment for everybody, and to increase our sense of community and become a more cohesive team,” said Olivia.

Her subjects for 2021 are Latin, Literature, Specialist Maths, Art and Chemistry. Olivea studied Units 3/4 Maths Methods and Physics in Year 11. She hopes to study engineering and/or humanitarian law at university and to see what career options may come out of either field.



Maanya, Boyne House Captain

Starting at Fintona in Year 6, Maanya has enjoyed being involved in the rowing program, GSV tennis and badminton, and community service activities.  In her spare time, she loves taking her dog for long walks and visiting the beach.

In 2020, she complete VCE Accounting and Maths Methods and in Year 12 is studying Legal Studies, Economics, Latin, Literature and Specialist Maths.

During her time at Fintona, Maanya has always looked up to her House Captains, and as Boyne House Captain hopes to have the same impact on Boyne House members that previous Captains have had on her. She hopes that she is able to make the House enjoyable for everyone – whether that be during House activities or morning meetings. She also really wants to get to know everyone in the House, especially the younger girls.

“I believe a good leader is motivated and is able to have a positive impact on everyone around them. They should also be passionate and genuinely care about people,” said Maanya.