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Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.

Brit Biviano

Brit Biviano
Art Co-ordinator
Brit Biviano joined Fintona in Term 4 in 2012 as Acting Art Co-ordinator and was permanently appointed Art Co-ordinator in 2014.  With a Bachelor Arts (Visual) from Deakin University and a Bachelor of Teaching from the University of Melbourne, Brit has been teaching since 1999. He will be completing his Masters in Fine Arts at Monash University later this year. Brit is also an accomplished artist in his own right having recently sold out his paintings at a local exhibition.  
When did you develop your love for art and what did you do prior to Fintona?

While I was in secondary school I enjoyed Art classes and was encouraged by my teachers to continue on with Art. After Art school, I was drawn to teaching as a profession. I have worked at a number of independent schools in Melbourne since leaving university. 

As well as co-ordinating art full-time at Fintona you are also a practising artist. Tell us a bit about that. 

I really enjoy painting when I get the chance and throughout the years I have had a number of group and solo exhibitions - both locally and overseas. My last exhibition was well received and was personally successful. I like to work in oils but also like to explore other painting materials. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources including contemporary popular culture, music, film, books – pretty much anywhere. I also take a lot from art history as well as contemporary Australian art and artists.

As the new Art Co-ordinator what is your vision for art at Fintona?

First and foremost I would like the students to enjoy Art, and more importantly, to become aware of the visual art around them and how important it is in our world. Art is at the heart of what we do as individuals and collectively, as a society.  It teaches us about who we are and what we value, both on a personal level and in a cultural sense.  Furthermore, Art provides students with opportunities to develop problem solving skills in a creative way and it also strengthens their visual literacy. These things, in my opinion, are vital, particularly because of the rate of change we are experiencing in regard to technology, the environment, politics and vocational expectations.

In 2015, you and your students will be working in the new Art Precinct.  What are you looking forward to the most about working in this exciting new space?  

Further developing what we already do. The new art spaces will allow us to improve and strengthen our Art curriculum, as well as offer more vocational based applications of Art, particularly design and textiles (fashion). There is great enthusiasm among students and Staff and this will inspire some interesting ideas and produce even more outstanding work. 

Apart from painting in your spare time, what else do you like to do outside of school?

I really enjoy being with my family especially my  son. I also have a keen interest in photography as well as going to the footy (I barrack for Geelong), listening to music, and reading. I also like to travel and rate visiting Budapest and Berlin as two of my favourite travel experiences.