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Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.
Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.

Brittany Creek

Brittany Creek
Junior Teacher

Brittany has been at Fintona since 2003 teaching in the Junior School. She is a very experienced teacher, having taught mainly Prep to Year 2 classes throughout her 16 year career.  This year, for the first time at Fintona, she is teaching Prep and loving it.

What have you found to be your most rewarding experience so far this year teaching Prep?

I have been hoping for 11 years to teach Prep, at Fintona and this year I finally got my chance. My passion is teaching Prep, so I would have to say the most rewarding experience is being able to do something that I love.  There is never a dull moment when teaching five year olds and they are always coming up with new ways to make me laugh. Watching the girls blossom this year and seeing how far they have come in such a short space of time
is very rewarding.

After 11 years at Fintona what do you still find exciting to teach? 

Teaching children to love learning and to always ask questions is still something that I find exciting. I know that I will never be able to teach them everything they need to know, but if I can teach them how to love learning then they will forever be able to find the answers to the questions that they ask.

What do you consider to be your special talents and passion in life apart from teaching, of course?  

When I was at school, I learnt five instruments and was the music captain in Year 12. It has been a long time since
I have been able to use this talent except if you include singing to my children to
get them to sleep!

If I think about my passion in life, I would have to say that it is being a mum to my two beautiful girls, Phoebe 7 and Eliza 5.  

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When Iā€™m not thinking about school,  I love spending time with my family.  We are lucky enough to have parents with houses at the beach and on the farm, so my spare time is spent escaping Melbourne and going to Sorrento and Heathcote. They are totally different experiences. One we go to, to relax and catch up on the family happenings and the other is to completely return to nature and with it, all the jobs related to working on the farm. Feeding the alpacas and tending to the olive grove. All in all, a well rounded life I think!