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Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.
Meet our teachers
Our teachers inspire girls to achieve their best.

Simon Bourke

Simon Bourke
Sport Co-ordinator

Simon joined the staff at Fintona as Sport Co-ordinator in 2015 and since then has thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Sport and Physical Education team as well as the broader Fintona community. He teaches Physical Education to students from Years 5 to 12 as well as the Year 9 elective ‘Australia’s Health’ and Year 10 elective ‘Sport Science’.

What do you love about being the Sport Co-ordinator at Fintona?

I draw great energy from the relatively small community that is the Fintona students, parents
and staff. I find our School to be very people centred with great focus on the whole development of the girls.

I really like to witness the adrenalin and joy that sporting events bring to our students as they strive to challenge themselves whilst representing

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about collaborating with people who strive for personal and professional excellence. I gravitate towards people who have a willingness to improve and are broad minded about their approach to life. I have been lucky to travel to various places around the world and have actively tried to take the path ‘less travelled’. Through these experiences I have met fascinating people from whom I have learnt a great deal. I hope that I have been able to reciprocate some positivity of
my own along the way.

Where did you get your love of sport?

I was introduced to sport at a very young age and my family placed a high value on being involved in both individual and team sport. So, as a youngster, I was involved in Little Athletics, Soccer, Tennis and Football. I was encouraged to try as many sports as I wished and the only non-negotiable was that I had to learn how to swim. 

What is your favourite sport?

That’s a difficult question! I don’t have a particular favourite sport – rather, I really enjoy teaching and watching junior players and athletes at all levels. I am a long suffering Carlton supporter – so this has impacted my love of football in recent  times! However, this season I have begun coaching an U18 regional girls’ football team and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with these young women who have had much success over their junior careers.

What message do you want to give to your students about the relevance of sport?

I hope that our students really grasp the chance to make lasting memories with their friends whilst being engaged with sport. Success can be measured in different ways. For some, winning a trophy or medal is the ultimate prize. For all, being actively involved in your life with your friends should be seen as a worthy triumph.

Tell us about the Sport program at Fintona and the attitude of the girls you teach?

The Sport program at Fintona is diverse. There are many opportunities for girls to try their hand to develop different skills in various competitive and non-competitive sports. I am proud that the girls display positivity towards their team mates, enthusiasm for the game and commitment to representing Fintona. I am often approached by other Heads of Sport who remark on the high level of our girls’ sportsmanship. This embodies the attitudes inherent in a Fintona sportswoman.

How do you like to spend the weekends and term breaks?

I like to spend the holidays catching up on some sleep! Being out of the School and work routine is also relaxing. I like to catch up with friends along the surf coast where we (attempt!) to surf and from time to time I head interstate or overseas for a completely new adventure.