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Support Programs

Cultivating a strong sense of belonging in the Fintona family.

Supporting the development of our student’s wellbeing is a whole-school approach.  Our wellbeing programs pervade every aspect of our curriculum and are delivered by Tutors, House Teachers, Heads of School and the School Counsellor. Through this nurturing approach we cultivate a strong sense of belonging in the Fintona family.

Our small class sizes enable strong relationships between teachers and students to develop quickly. Open communication also builds close relationships between teachers and parents about student progress, which further assists the development of the student.

Academic success and emotional wellbeing go hand in hand. Increasing a student’s wellbeing can have a significant impact on learning whilst at school and also well beyond their school years. Support programs that enhance students' emotional intelligence, resilience, self-confidence, responsible behaviours and positive relationships, have been developed and successfully implemented across the school benefiting students in many diverse ways.

Our school policies complement our support programs and have been created to reflect the school's expectations, procedures and rules ensuring a safe and caring environment for all our students.

Careers advice

For every student from Years 9 to 12, our Careers Co-ordinator provides individual guidance, support and information sessions encouraging our students to make decisions about their future pathways based on their capabilities and learning styles.

Community Service program

Through our Community Service program, a Fintona girl is keenly aware of her responsibility to help others and contribute to her community. All students participate in the Community Service program throughout their school years, in a variety of ways depending on individual interests.

Fintona buddies

A buddy system operates informally and formally throughout the School to provide additional support and care, particularly for students new to the School.

Healthy food options

As part of our commitment to fostering a healthy attitude in our students, Fintona provides affordable and healthy food options at our Tuckshop, located in the Margaret Ross Centre on the Senior School Campus. Junior School students can also purchase their lunch from the Tuckshop each day via an online ordering system.

House system

The House system provides opportunities for students to enjoy time with girls from different year levels and experience team work.

Life Skills program

The Life Skills program, for students in the Middle and Senior Schools, supports students by broadening their understanding of many topics, including nutrition, cyber-safety, drugs and alcohol, social interactions and successfully transitioning from school to university. Year 12 students are given Life Skills lessons on taxation, financial management, renting and other such important life matters. Students in the Junior School at Fintona use the Life Education program from Prep to Year 4 with the focus being primarily on health and safety.

Parenting seminars

Parenting seminars are held to address relevant topics that are beneficial for the growth and learning of our students.

School Counsellor

Counselling is an opportunity to have some extra support so students can make the most of their learning experiences. Our School Counsellor is a registered Psychologist who provides individual support on any issue to assist the continued development of a student’s social, emotional and academic learning.

Study Skills program

The Study Skills program commences in Year 7 and continues into the Senior School to assist the cultivation of good study habits, including homework and revision.

Transition program

Transition programs, at key intake years, help new girls integrate quickly and existing students to make a smooth transition between the sub-schools.