Tuckshop | Fintona Girls' School


Yummy, healthy food!

As part of our commitment to ensuring our students not only receive an outstanding academic education, but also know how to look after their health and wellbeing, Fintona’s Tuckshop provides an array of healthy options to suit all palates.

Tuckshop food is prepared daily by our resident chefs and is available from 8am onwards until the end of lunchtime. ELC and Junior School students have access to the same menu but theirs is delivered daily from the Tuckshop.

Lunch menus include salads, sandwiches, sushi, wraps, pasta and soups. Snacks available include cakes, slices, yoghurt and fruit.

In keeping with our philosophy of healthy eating, Fintona does not serve sugary soft drinks and all juices are natural with no added sugar. The Tuckshop encourages students to recycle and all food scraps used in the kitchen are taken to the School worm farms.


Junior Campus parents are invited to view the menu and place orders with Qkr! (pronounced quicker). Simply visit the Qkr! website, or download the app to begin. 


 Parents are also warmly invited to visit the Tuckshop for a coffee or a baked treat.