Fintona Writers' Festival 2020 | Fintona Girls' School

Fintona Writers' Festival 2020

7 October 2020

Fintona Writers' Festival 2020

Our theme for the 2020 Writers' Festival is ‘Many Voices Many Stories’. This highly anticipated event will run over three days with sessions and workshops delivered online from Monday 19 October to Wednesday 21 October. The festival aims to engage, connect and expose students to a variety of authors' works and, to provide opportunities for students to engage in some aspect of their writing.Featuring an inspiring line-up of authors and speakers, this year's program is designed to celebrate diversity. 

Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker is Suzy Zail. Suzy is a full time writer of Young Adult fiction and a passionate believer in the power of words. She writes stories about racism, gender inequality, poverty, resilience and overcoming adversity. Suzy’s latest novel, inspired by true stories, was written after a trip to Uganda. ‘I am Change’ is an authentic and empowering tale of a young girl who despite hardship and injustice, finds hope and strength to fight for change. Compelled to raise awareness of the difficulties facing girls in Uganda, Suzy has established a number of charitable initiatives.


During the 2020 Writers' Festival, Fintona will be supporting Suzy's #giveagirlabook initiative, which so far has shipped thoousands of books to impoverished schools in Africa in collaboration with Australian Books for Children of Africa.

You can support the initative by donating online here.

Year Level Speakers

The Fintona Writers’ Festival program includes sessions for each year level.

Guests for Prep to Year 6 will be revealed in the first week of Term 4 so please stay tuned! For the Senior School we are delighted to announce the following guests will be joining us for the festivities.

Year 7 - Kate Constable (author)
Year 8 - Nicki Greenberg (author, illustrator)
Year 9 - Jessica Walton (author, inspirational speaker)
Year 10 - Linh Do (inspirational speaker, social commentator)
Year 11 - Oslo Davis (illustrator, satirist)
Year 12 - Suzy Zail (author)

We look forward to welcoming our guest speakers and working with them to inspire our students.